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Samuel Bauer & Sons, Inc. is America's Leading supplier of accessories to the worldwide fur industry. We have been serving all segments of the fur trade since 1905  with everything required to manufacture, repair, remodel, restore, or retail a fur coat or fur accessory.

Our customer range includes large fur and fake fur factories, retailers with small remodel/repair shops, and hobbyists working at home. They produce a range of items such as traditional fur coats, fur trims, fur hats, fur teddy bears, fur covered hand muffs and purses, and many other novelty fur items.

We have a large variety of specialty items created specifically for working with furs - tools, threads, needles, leather stripping, hooks and eyes, linings, tapes, hangers,... the list goes on and on. The list of our items is so long that we always tell our customers "if you don't see it, ask for it!".